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The Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) Library is a free library containing resources for the repair, maintenance and operation of medical equipment. Resources include equipment manuals, troubleshooting guides, educational resources, and best practices guidelines. Created by Engineering World Health (EWH) and Robert Malkin's Developing Healthcare Technologies Laboratory, the BMET Library supports EWH's BMET training and Institute Programs along with healthcare professionals around the globe. Our vision includes a commitment to support building a local, sustainable, trained workforce of BMETs in low-resource setting to repair and maintain medical equipment.

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How to Use the BMET Library


Searching is the easiest way to use the BMET Library. To search click the orange “Search” button. A new page will appear with a search bar.

Advanced Search with Filters

For an advanced search click the “Add Filter” button beneath the search bar. Adding a filter allows you to refine search results by Title, Author, Subject, or Date. The BMET Library supports the use of Boolean operators such as AND, OR, or NOT.

Repairing Medical Equipment

The Repairing Medical Equipment section contains information about how to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair medical devices. Try filtering by “Subjects” to see every resource we have for a specific medical device. For example, navigate to Medical Equipment > Subjects > Autoclave to see all resources about Autoclaves.


The Textbooks section consists of PDFs of complete textbooks that can be downloaded to your computer. The BMET Library has textbooks on subjects like mathematics, physics, engineering, anatomy and physiology, medical equipment, and more.

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

The Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) section contains information on the management of health service assets. This section covers topics like medical equipment lifecycle management, medical equipment procurement, and financial management.


Are you a native Spanish speaker? The Espanol section contains all of the BMET Library’s Spanish-language resources.

Hablas español? La sección de español contiene nuestros documentos en español.

Topics and Professional Development

The Topics and Professional Development section contains information about a wide array of topics related to biomedical engineering and healthcare. These topics include anatomy and physiology, electronics, plumbing, medical devices, tools, calibration, and more. We recommend searching or browsing this section by “Subjects” or "Titles” to easily find information that is relevant to your needs.


The BMET Library wants to hear from you!

Do own or know of open-source materials that you would like to see included in the BMET Library?
Email us at library@ewh.org or submit them directly on our website .

Submitting Items through the BMET Library Website

  • 1. Register for a BMET Library account: https://bmet.ewh.org/register
  • 2. Navigate to My Account > Submissions
  • 3. Fill out the submission form
  • 4. BMET Library staff will review your submission and incorporate it into to the library

Supporting the BMET Library

Donate Button The BMET Library accepts donations using a PayPal system, but you do NOT need a PayPal Account to donate. All you need to support the BMET Library is a credit card or check and an interest in helping technicians in the developing world!

Donating with a Credit Card

  1. 1. Click on the following link to make a donation on the Engineering World Health website.
  2. 2. Fill out the form and choose the amount of your donation.
  3. 3. In the "Comments" box write the keyword "Library" so we know to invest your donation in the BMET Library.

The BMET library provides free resources to BMETs and medical professionals all around the globe.

Donating with a Check

Prefer to donate with a check? If you prefer to donate by check, simply mail your contribution to our Chapel Hill NC office.

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