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Power   Supply   (Outlet   Plug)   Repair  and  Troubleshooting    

 Warning: Handling Electrical Equipment is dangerous. Please wear insulated gloves and use insulated equipment whenever handling high voltage outputs.    

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1   Begin:  Outlet/Plug   Begin  diagnostic  process  for  a  work  order  on  Outlet/Plug.  Testing  and  maintenance  is  advised  when  a  device  that  uses  a  wall  input  fails  to  turn  on.  
2   Carefully  take  apart  the  outlet  faceplate.  Inspect  the  circuitry  for  any  damage.    

Using  BTA  skills  for  Power  Supply,  carefully  take  off  the  outlet  faceplate.  Disconnecting  the  main  power  while  dismantling  is  advised.  
3   Are  there  any  damaged  parts?   Inspect  components.  Is  anything  disconnected?  Is  anything  clearly  burned  or  melted?  
4   Carefully  remove  and  replace  any  damaged  parts.   Remove,  replace,  or  reconnect  any  non-­‐functioning  parts.  

5   Is  the  outlet  wired  properly  and  grounded?  

Using  BTA  guidelines,  use  a  voltmeter  to  check  for  the  output  voltage  and  current.  Are  the  live,  neutral,  and  ground  wires  appropriate?  What  about  in  the  device  plug?  

6   Carefully  rewire  the  outlet  and  add  a  ground  connection,  if  necessary.   Use  BTA  skills  to  carefully  rewire  anything  improperly  wired.  Disconnect  the  main  power!  
7   Is  the  machine  set  to  accept  the  proper  power?   Check  the  machine  specifications.  Does  the  device  accept  the  appropriate  wall  power?  
8   Alter  the  power  of  the  device  if  possible;  otherwise  use  transformer  

Some  devices  allow  the  input  power  to  be  altered.  Otherwise  obtain  the  transformer  of  the  appropriate  input  and  output  voltages.  
9   Troubleshoot  transformer.   See  the  transformer  troubleshooting  flowchart  to  ensure  the  new  transformer  is  working  properly.  
10   Is  the  plug  of  the  appropriate  pin  type?   Does  the  plug  pin  configuration  fit  into  the  wall  socket?    
11   Obtain  appropriate  plug  type  and  replace.   Obtain  a  replacement  and  utilize  BTA  skills  to  replace.  Otherwise  obtain  a  pin  type  adapter.  Just  ensure  the  machine  is  of  the  appropriate  power,  as  pin  type  is  indicative  of  power  accepted.  

12   Is  the  plug  in  good  condition?   Pins  shouldn’t  wiggle,  be  bent  or  rusted.  
13   Refer  to  BTA  skills  to  fix  or  replace  plug  and  cable.   Tighten  pins  that  wiggle.  Straighten  any  bent  pins  with  pliers.  Remove  any  rust  with  sandpaper.  
14   Outlet  and  plug  are  working.  Reference  power  supply  flowchart  for  further  instructions.  

Move  on  to  the  next  step  of  the  power  supply  flowchart  if  device  still  does  not  turn  on.  Always  check  with  clinician  before  putting  a  piece  of  equipment  back  into  use.    

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