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EQUIPMENT    Ophthalmoscope  Repair  Troubleshooting    


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1   Start:  Ophthalmoscope  troubleshooting.   Begin  diagnostic  process  for  a  work  order  for  Ophthalmoscope.  
2   Is  the  device  free  of  any  dirt/contamination?   Inspect  ophthalmoscope  for  external  cracks,  damage  and  dirt.  
3   Clean  device  using  cloth  moistened  with  alcohol.   Examine  the  device  for  dirt  and  contamination.    See  BTA  skills  on  Mechanical  Cleaning.  
4   Does  the  light  bulb  power  on  with  battery?   Power  on  the  device  with  battery.  Examine  whether  light  bulb  gives  sufficient  illumination.  
5   Rotate  the  aperture  dial  so  they  are  not  in-­‐between  positions.                                             Aperture  dial  can  be  in-­‐between  positions.  
6   Recharge  battery  if  applicable  or  replace  it.           Refer  BTA  skill  set  on  Batteries  to  identify  and  replace  damaged  batteries.  
7   Replace  bulb  if  necessary.   Refer  BTA  skill  set  on  Lighting/Indicators  to  replace  non-­‐functional  light  bulbs.  
8   Inspect  and  fix  broken  wires  or  bad  connections  between  battery  and  bulb.  

Inspect  wires  and  connections  from  battery  to  bulb  using  multimeter.  Refer  BTA  skill  set  on  Connections  for  identifying  and  fixing  broken  wires  and  bad  connections.  
9   Clean  lenses  with  cotton  swab.   Clean  lenses  to  remove  any  dirt  and  contamination.  See  BTA  skills  on  Mechanical  Cleaning.  
10   Are  the  lenses  and  mirror  free  from  cracks/defects?   Any  defect  in  the  lenses  and  mirror  will  not  provide  a  clear  view.  
11   Replace  lenses  and  mirror  if  necessary.     Identify  and  replace  with  a  suitable  lens  to  get  a  clear  view.  
12   Does  the  device  provide  a  sharp  focus  and  free  from  any  glare?   The  lenses  and  mirror  are  dirty.  
13   Clean  lenses  and  mirror  with  cotton  swab.       Clean  lenses  and  mirror  to  remove  any  dirt  and  contamination.    
14   Perform  preventive  maintenance  on  ophthalmoscope.  Return  device  to  clinical  personnel.          

Ophthalmoscope  is  working  properly.  Perform  preventive  maintenance  before  returning  the  device  to  clinical  personnel.    


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