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Fetal  Doppler  Repair  and  Troubleshooting  

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1    Begin  Fetal  Doppler  Flow  Chart   Begin  diagnostic  process  for  a  work  order  on  Fetal  Doppler  
2    Does  it  turn  on?   Does  it  turn  on?  
3   Trouble  shoot  Power  Supply   See  Flowchart  on  Power  Supply,  and  BTA  skills  on  Power  Supply.  
4   Does  the  screen  turn  on?   Does  the  screen  turn  on?  
5   Check  circuit  components   Troubleshoot  the  electrical  components.  See  BTA  skills  on  Electrical  Simple.  
6   Does  the  speaker  work?   Is  sound  audible?  
7   Check  speaker/  circuit  components   Troubleshoot  the  electrical  components.  See  BTA  skills  on  Electrical  Simple.  
8   Is  it  measuring  a  signal?   Is  the  monitor/Doppler  producing  HR  sound?  
9   Check  if  probe  is  connected   Check  if  the  probe  is  connected  to  the  fetal  doppler/monitor.  
10    Connect  the  probe   Connect  the  probe.  See  BTA  skills  on  Mechanical  –  Attachments.  
11    Check  if  probe  is  clean   Clean  the  probe.  See  BTA  skills  on  Cleaning.  
12    Check  internal  circuitry,   Troubleshoot  the  electrical  components.  See  BTA  skills  on  Electrical  Simple.  
13    Check  if  you  need  more  gel   Apply  ultrasound  gel  to  the  probe.  
14    Is  the  heart  rate  in  a  normal  range?   Is  the  heart  rate  in  a  normal  range?  
15    Check  circuitry  and  check  gel   Troubleshoot  the  electrical  components  and  apply  ultrasound  gel  to  the  probe  as  necessary.  See  BTA  skills  on  Electrical  Simple.  
16    Does  the  printer  print?   Is  there  a  marking  on  the  paper?  
17    Is  the  correct  paper  in>   Do  you  have  the  proper  thermal  paper?    
18    Check  paper   Check  to  see  whether  paper  is  full.    
19    Is  it  calibrated?   Is  the  proper  Heart  Rate,  timing,  and  contraction  output?  Is  the  proper  calibration  signal  upon  start?  
20    Close  printer  door   Close  door.  

21    Does  the  needle  work?   Does  the  needle  work?  
22    Clean  or  replace  needle   Clean  or  replace  needle.  See  BTA  skills  on  Mechanical.  
23    Does  the  motor  run?   Does  the  motor  rotate?  
24    Check  motor   See  motor  guide  and  BTA  skills  on  Motors.  
25    Does  the  roller  work?   Does  the  roller  move  the  paper  at  the  correct  rate  without  slipping?  Are  there  cracks  or  damage  to  the  roller?  Is  the  roller  hard  and  showing  signs  of  age?  
26    Fix  or  replace  Roller   Fix  or  replace  Roller.  
27    Go  to  begin.   Go  to  begin.  
28    Is  the  machine  reading  the  contractions?   Does  the  machine  show  numbers  for  the  uterine  contractions?  
29    Is  the  belt  fastened?   Is  the  belt  fastened?  
30    Fasten  belt.   Fasten  belt.  
31    Go  to  begin.   Go  to  begin.  
32    Does  the  signal  make  sense?   Does  the  uterine  contraction  signal  correlate  with  the  contractions  the  mother  is  having?  
33    Does  the  machine  give  the  appropriate  metrics?   Does  the  machine  output  sensible  numbers  for  contraction  force  and  frequency?  
34    Check  the  circuitry.   Troubleshoot  the  electrical  components.  See  BTA  skills  on  Electrical  Simple.  
35    Is  the  belt  connected?   Is  the  belt  connected  to  the  fetal  monitor?  
36    Connect  the  belt.   Connect  the  belt.  
37    Does  the  tachometer  record  force?   Does  the  tachometer  record  force  numbers?  

38    Replace  or  check  circuitry.   Replace  the  contraction  belt  or  troubleshoot  the  circuit  (see  troubleshooting  guide)  
39    End   End  the  flow  chart.  
40    Go  to  begin.   Go  to  begin.  
41    Go  to  begin.   Go  to  begin.  

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