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Infant  Warmer  Preventive  Maintenance    

1. Check  for  signs  of  physical  damage  or  abuse    
2. Check  for  evidence  of  fluid  spills    
3. Check  for  secure  mounting    
4. Check  casters/brakes/mounting    
5. Check  AC  plug/cord/receptacle    
6. Check  strain  relief  at  both  ends  of  cord    
7. Check  controls/switches    
8. Check  caution/operation  labels  present  &  legible    
9. Check  filters.    Clean/replace  as  needed    
10. Check  power-­‐on  sequence    
11. Test  all  audible  &  visual  alarms  and  indicators    
12. Clean  interior/exterior  as  required    
13. Test  HI  Temp  Alarm    
14. Measure  Temperature  at  various  control  settings  
15. Measure  chassis  ground  resistance    
16. Measure  chassis  leakage  current    
17. Check  battery  
18. Cleaned,  Disinfected  between  uses  
19. Clean  skin  temp  sensor  
20. Check  for  corrosion  and  tightness  of  the  heating  element  connections  


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