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Autoclave  Preventative  

Preventive  Maintenance  

• After each use: Clean the inside of the autoclave and around valve and vents
o Empty all water from chamber and thoroughly dry
o Wipe off metal-to-metal seal with clean towel to remove build-up

• Make sure valves are not clogged
o Periodically clean control valve with hot, soapy water

• Check air exhaust tube by flushing water through it to make sure it is not blocked.
• Descale  the  chamber:  most  effective  to  use  detergent  meant  for  lime  scale  removal.  Vinegar  diluted  with  distilled  water  can  also  be  used.  
• Check for signs of wear and damage. Ensure sufficient seal around lid:

o For a metal-to-metal seal, lubrication of the seal must be maintained
o For a gasket seal, the seal must be pliable. If it is cracked or dry, then it

should be replaced
• Valve safety check: Test the safety pop-off any time there is pressure built up in

the sterilizer. Test the valve below the operating pressure with the use of a
screwdriver to pop the pressure relief valve. Make sure your hand is away;
otherwise the steam can cause burns.

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