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EQUIPMENT    Endoscope  Preventative  Maintenance  
Preventive  Maintenance    

• Ensure   the   scope   is   stored   in   a   dry,   safe   place   where   it   is   free   from   damage   and   environmental  contamination.   It   is   preferable   for   the   scope   to   hang   vertically,   to   facilitate   drying   and   prevent  moisture  buildup  • Before  and  after  each  use  of  the  endoscope  it  is  important  to  inspect  the  equipment  to  prevent  small  problems  from  becoming  larger  • MAKE  SURE  o No  parts  are  missing  or  loose  o The  scope  is  free  of  damage  (run  your  hand  down  the  length  of  the  insertion  tube-­‐down  to  the  distal  end  to  feel  for  dents,  cracks  or  bends)  § If   damage   is   present:   THE   DEVICE   SHOULD   BE   SENT   OUT   FOR   REPAIR  IMMEDIATELY.  While   the   device  may   seem   functional   and   able   to   be   used,   small  cuts  and  tears  can  lead  to  major  fluid  invasion,  which  will  cause  a  much  larger/more  expensive  problem.  o The  scope  is  free  of  dirt  or  debris  anywhere  on  its  exterior  § If  dirt  is  present:  thoroughly  rinse  with  water.  Remove  persistent  debris  with  a  non-­‐acidic  cleaning  agent.  Rinse  again  with  water.  Use  a  non-­‐abrasive,  soft,  lint-­‐free  cloth  to  dry  equipment.  o All   optical   surfaces   (eyepiece   cover   lens,   objective   lens,   video   adapter   lenses)   are   free   of  dirt/moisture  If  dirt  is  present:  clean  with  70%  ethanol  using  a  non-­‐abrasive,  lint-­‐free  cloth  

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