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Waterbath  Preventative  Maintenance      
Preventive  Maintenance    Allow  machine  to  run  for  2  hours  for  bath  temperature  to  equilibrate.    

• If  you  use  the  bath  infrequently,  then  the  bath  should  be  kept  dry  between  uses.  
• Use  only  distilled  water  in  a  water  bath.  If  non-­‐distilled  water  has  been  used,  it’s  important  to  clean  away  any  water  deposits  that  have  accumulated.    
• Clean   the  water  bath  with  mild   soap  and  water   solution.  Do  not  clean  the  water  bath  with  

chlorine-­‐based  bleaches,   as   they  will   damage   the   interior   of  most   tanks.  Most  water   baths  should  be  cleaned  with  mild  soap  and  water  only.    
• Rinse  the  water  bath  with  clean  water  and  wipe  dry  with  a  soft  cloth.  Stainless  steel  does  not  rust,  but  foreign  materials  in  the  tank  may  rust  or  leave  rust  spots.  Never  use  steel  wool  to  remove  buildups.  (See  explanations  for  suggestions)    
• Check  water   level   frequently  during  use,  especially  during  higher  operating   temperatures,  and  add  water  as  needed.  Running  a  dry  tank  can  strain  interior  surfaces  
• Turn   off   the   bath   each   evening.   Otherwise   water   may   completely   evaporate,   leaving   the  bath  dry.  This  can  cause  damage  to  the  water  bath  and  create  a  fire  hazard.  
• Plastic   racks  are  preferred   for  water  bath  use.  However,   if   the  water  bath  boils  dry  while  containing  plastic  test-­‐tube  racks,  the  plastic  will  melt.    



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