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Pulse  Oximeter  Preventative  Maintenance  
Preventive  Maintenance    

•  Inspect  exterior  of  equipment  for  damaged  or  missing  hardware.    • Inspect  the  power  cord,  strain  relief  and  plug/s  for  any  signs  of  damage.    • Turn  unit  off,  unplug***,  open  user  accessible  covers  and  inspect  unit  for  damage.  • Clean  unit  interior  components  and  exterior  with  compressed  air.  • Inspect  interior  for  signs  of  corrosion  or  missing  hardware.  Repair  as  required.  • Inspect  electrical  components  for  signs  of  excessive  heat  or  deterioration.    • Clean  exterior  with  warm  water  and  liquid  soap  or  mild  detergent.  • Replace  probe  if  disposable.  • Ensure   nothing   is   blocking   LEDs   or   photodetector   on   probe.   If   blocked,   clean   with  isopropyl   alcohol   solution   or   mild   detergent,   mild   chlorine   bleach   solution,   hydrogen  peroxide   solution,   or   isopropyl   alcohol.   Do   not   use   acetone,   butyl   alcohol,   denatured  ethanol,   Freon,   trichloroethylene   or   any   petroleum-­‐based   solutions.   Verify   red   light   is  being  emitted  in  probe.  • Place  probe  on  finger  and  make  sure  SpO2  and  heart  rates  (if  applicable)  appear.  • Remove  probe  from  finger  and  verify  that  alarm  is  working.  • Unplug  probe  and  verify  that  alarm  is  working.  • Examine  switches  and  controls  for  proper  function.  • Confirm  lights,  indicators,  and  displays  are  working.  • Verify  machine  can  run  on  line  power  without  battery.  • Check  suggested  replacement  date  for  battery  to  see  if  date  is  passed  or  approaching  and  replace  battery  if  necessary.  

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